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Changing it up

When I began this blog I thought I would need more of an outlet for the issues I have had concerning my family. Turns out I worked through the issues my mothers illness brought pretty quickly. There have been other things this and a few other situations that have triggered something that has been even bigger in my life...the relinquishment of my first born for adoption.

My mother had a huge part in this as did my step father and the church we attended. Last winter the life long effects of adoption began creeping back in again due to a few life events. I've gone back into therapy and found a support group and have joined several online support groups as well.

I am changing the direction of the blog as I have a lot more to say about my adoption experience than I do about my molestation, although that did alter the path of my life, life as a first(birth) Mom has had a much much larger impact. It has changed the person I have become, the mother I am and the wife I've grown to be.

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